Earning Mileage

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400 km per rental in Asia(except Japan);
800 km per rental in other region;
400 km per rental in business or governmental rate

Throughout the year, Sky Pearl Club members can enjoy special discount and earn Frequent Flyer Points when rent a car from Hertz locations worldwide.

Special Discount:

Enjoy 10% discount off Hertz Affordable Rates at all participating locations worldwide.

Program Points Awarded:

  1. 1.400 kilometers per qualifying leisure rate rental within Asia (except China)
  2. 2.800 kilometers per qualifying leisure rate rental outside Asia
  3. 3.400 kilometers per qualifying government/commercial rate rental outside Asia

Special Promotion

Refer to China Southern Airlines’ website, newsletters, or Points Statements for details and applicable terms and conditions.

During Reservations, Please Quote

  1. 1.Your Sky Pearl Club Member ID
  2. 2.Hertz Discount Code (CDP#): 1503704
  3. 3.Promotion Code (PC#) if any

Renter’s Qualifications & Requirement

  1. 1.Booking confirmation
  2. 2.Renter must be 25 years old or above (Young driver fee applies to 21 – 25 years old)
  3. 3.A valid passport
  4. 4.International credit card
  5. 5.A valid driving license of your own country, min. 1 year driving experience
  6. 6.International Driving Permit (IDP). China Driving License holder is required to provide an English certificate of China driving license (IDP is not required)

Driving License

**Most Hertz Locations Worldwide Now Accept China Driving License English Certificate

Hertz locations in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia (except Japan and Korea) now accept China Driving License, but must be accompanied with an English Certificate of China Driving License. Please contact Hertz for more details of the application.

Please call Hertz Direct at 400 921 1138(within China) or +0086 21 2226 1700(other countries) or email to Reschina@hertz.com for reservations/inquiries or more details of the offers. You may also book online at www.hertz.cn

Avis Group
400 km per rental

Avis Group is a leading car rental company in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, operating under an exclusive license via the globally recognized Avis and Budget brands. The Avis brand operates via a network of over 5,000 locations in 174 countries with a fleet of over 500,000 vehicles. Avis provides exclusive car rental services for both leisure and business customers, it is among the first choices of the car rental brands around the world.

Avis Rent A Car has developed a network which covers major big cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Suzhou. More than 2,000 vehicles are free for your choice. Members of Avis in China enjoy a variety of value-added services, such as point rewarding system, the express service, special promotions, events and global renting. All these services offer Avis members real convenience and customization.

In order to ensure the safety of all clients while they enjoy our services, we follow a strict and regular maintenance and depreciation mechanism. A wide range of car insurances, e.g. 3rd party liability, theft protection, vehicle damage, is available to minimize your loss on the road. We are always there to help you handle the emergencies as long as you give us a call to us. Just enjoy the pleasure of driving and leave the problems to us.

Now Avis Rent A Car is partnership with major airlines in the world to provide airport pickup, free mileage and other benefits. At Avis, We try harder to provide you world class rental service.

How to rent a car from Avis?

You may call the Avis reservation line at (021)-6229-1119 or go directly to any Avis airport location to make a reservation.

As frequent fliers of China Southern, every time you rent from Avis you may get 400 free mileages from China Southern. The mileage will credit into your member account within six months of your rental.