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Beyond the Gold Tier, Achieve More Benefits!
——Special for CSN Elite Members of Year 2016

Benefits I. Rollover of EQS and EQM to Year 2016
Registration Period: 1 November 2015 – 30 June 2016
Qualification: Exceeding the Gold Card standards(40 Elite Qualifying Segments or 80,000km Elite Qualifying Mileages)credited in the year of 2015.
Special Offer: The qualified members are entitled to roll over the excess portion of gold card overflow to the year of 2016 and book the Elite status in advance with special benefits.

Benefits II. Gifting Silver Status in 2016
Registration Period: 1 November 2015 – 30 June 2016
Qualifications: Reaching or exceeding 60 Elite Qualifying Segments or 120,000km Elite Qualifying Mileages credited in the year of 2015.
Special Offer: The qualified members are entitled to gift a Silver Card to a recipient who currently has no elite status. The recipient will enjoys all of the elite benefits in 2016.

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Terms and Conditions
1. To enjoy these offers, members must register the promotions within the registration period by login the member account at or calling service hotline-95539. It’s allowed to register to both of the above two offers simultaneously.
2. For benefit I, members are entitled to bring up to 10 Elite Qualifying Segments and 20,000km Elite Qualifying Mileages of the excess portion exceeding the Gold Card standard over to 2016 annual upgrade quota and use it for Elite Membership qualification evaluations of the year 2017.
3. For benefit II, once the card number of the recipient is submitted, changes will not be allowed. The complimentary silver card will be valid till February 28, 2017, and shall be effective upon receipt of the card. The silver card will be sent out within one month after award review, and please make sure that the address and telephone of the recipient as registered in the membership account are correct and valid.
4. Starting January to July in 2016, award review for the above events will be done once per month, to be completed before the 15th of the following month.