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Sky Pearl Club Gold Pro Membership Program

ky Pearl Club Gold Pro Membership Program

On January 15,2019 China Southern Airlines officially launched the ‘Sky Pearl Club Gold Pro Membership Program’.

The ‘Sky Pearl Club Gold Pro Membership Program’ is an upgrade of advantages from the traditional gold card holders’ benefits portfolio.

  1. 1.Finest access to hotline through 400895539
  2. 2.Quick effective qualification of nominee(s)
  3. 3.Exclusive premier service provided by Premium Customer Service Manager
  4. 4.Check-in counter for First/Business class with two companions
  5. 5.First/Business security channel at designated airports(check Note 1)
  6. 6.Access to lounge with two companions who take China Southern Airline flights on the same day(the second companion can only enter lounges at designated airports,check Note 2)
  7. 7.Access to shuttle bus service with two companions,only provided Gold Pro members fly with First/Business class and departure at designated airports,check Note 2)

  1. Note 1: The designated airports include:Changsha /Dalian(domestic flights)/Fuzhou/Ganzhou/Guilin/Guiyang/Hangzhou/Hefei/Jiuzhai/Jinggang Shan/Lijiang/Mianyang/Nanchang/Nanning/Qianjiang/Sanya/Jieyang(domestic flights)/Shanghai Pudong/Shijiazhuang/Taiyuan/Wenzhou/Wuxi/Xi'an/Xining/Urumqi/Yiwu(domestic flights)/Yinchuan/Yulin/Zhengzhou/Zhuhai;Brisbane/Paris/Bangkok/Melbourne/Moscow/Sydney
  2. Note 2: The list of designated airports below is for reference only. China Southern Airlines will update in accordance with airports latest regulations: Guangzhou/Beijing/Shenzhen/Urumchi/ShanghaiHongqiao/Wuhan/Shenyang/Dalian/Changchun/Shanghai Pudong/Hangzhou/Chongqing/Zhengzhou/Changsha/Harbin/Haikou/Guiyang/Sanya/Nanjing/Zhuhai/Nanning/Jieyang

For more details,please join the ‘Sky Pearl Club Gold Pro Membership Program’.

You will automatically gain Gold Pro membership status once the following prerequisites are met,

  1. 1.Earn 160,000km Elite Qualifying Mileages or 80 Elite Qualifying Segments within one Qualification Year; and
  2. 2.The ratio of First/Business class trips against overall trips reaches 50 percent.

Your Premium Customer Service Manager will get in contact with you within a few days.

  1. Note 3: The Gold Pro membership is valid from the grading date to February 28 of the third year. (The grading year is presumably the first year)
  2. Note 4: The Gold Pro membership will automatically expire if members fail to meet Gold membership status requirements.

Enjoy a world of benefits designed to make your travel experience more enjoyable.