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Redemption Nominees for Award Tickets

  1. 1.One member can add up to eight FFP nominees to the list, please try to add them all for the first time.Award tickets or award upgrades redeemed by Sky Pearl members from the age of 12 and above, may be used by themselves or the valid redemption nominees designated by the members. Before redeeming awards for others, they must first establish a list of redemption nominees - Little Pearl members may not add nominees.
  2. 2.FFP members can add redemption nominee's information by logging in the member account online or calling China Southern Airlines Customer Service Hotline 95539.
  3. 3.As the name list is set up for the first time, if there are no less than three flight records on account from January 1, 2009, it'll be valid immediately; otherwise, it'll be valid after 30 days.(Flight records of Sichuan Airlines and SkyTeam Airline Partners is not eligible, if mileage accrual for flight records is zero.)
  4. 4.Children or Infants as Redemption Nominees apply the same rules as adults. No corporate entity or company can be a Redemption Nominee.
  5. 5.Removal from each list is effective immediately. Newly added names will be valid 30 days after the modification, including that very day.
  6. 6.No FFP mileage is deducted when adding/deleting an individual name from the list.
  7. 7.China Southern Airlines retains the right to change the rules without advance notice. Other rules may apply.
  • *Starting from December 24, 2010, new rules for "Redemption Nominees for Award Tickets" will take effect. Before December 24, 2010,the award tickets may be transferred to people not restricted to those on the nominee's list. From December 24 onward, award tickets can only be transferred to nominees designated in advance.
  • *Each Sky Pearl Club member who wants to make an award ticket transfer should go to one of China Southern Airlines designated ticketing offices for an ID Authentication procedure.