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Membership Qualification

1.Membership in China Southern Airlines Sky Pearl Club is free to all passengers over 12 years old who accept the Program Rules and Conditions described herein, except where and to the extent such membership is prohibited by law or regulation.
2.Corporations and/or entities cannot be enrolled. Joint applications or multiple applications by the same individual will not be honored.
3.Applicants form are required to be completed accurately (Be sure to fill in the * item).
4.Membership card is for personal use only and is non-transferable。
5.China Southern Airlines Sky Pearl Club reserves the right to disqualify any person from further participation in The Sky Pearl Club if, in The Sky Pearl Clubs sole judgment, the person has violated the Program Rules and Conditions described herein or misuses or abuses his/her membership rights or performs any fraud. Disqualification may result in termination of membership, calling back membership card, loss of accumulated mileage and/or cancellation of any unused awards.

Mileage Accrual

1.The unit of mileage accumulation is based on Kilometers.
2.Your mileage account begins on the first date of your enrollment in The Sky Pearl Club. The date on the postmark or your successful submission of the application online is considered as your enrollment day.
3.Sky Pearl Club mileage is valid for two calendar years. If your total mileage does not reach 20,000Km after two calendar years, the mileage accumulated in the first calendar year will be reduced by half.
4.Each member is assigned a personal (non-transferable) account number for mileage records. 5.No mileage will be credited for Award Travel. Mileage will be credited in the original booking class for the award upgrade obtained by mileage redemption and promotion or the situation of involuntary upgrade.
6.Mileage credit is not granted for airline company staff ticket (or other unpublished fares); travel agency reduced rates or other non-revenue tickets.
7.Charter flights are not eligible for mileage accrual, except charter flights coded by CZ between the Chinese Mainland and Taiwan district.
8.No mileage will be credited in case of voluntary or involuntary flight endorsement to other airlines flights, which is not eligible for Sky Pearl Club members to accrue.
9.Mileage will be deposited into each individual personal mileage account. Different accounts cannot be merged.
10.To ensure your mileage can be earned accurately into your account, please accrue mileage in accordance with The Sky Pearl Club membership guide.
11.Until the appropriate mileage appears on your Sky Pearl account, please keep all boarding passes; copies of your ticket (E-ticket Travel Verification) and partners consumption bill for possible mileage retro claims.

Mileage Redemption

1.Award tickets and award upgrades are required to book in the designated class. Award availability is subject to capacity control.
2.Mileage required for infant and childrens award redemption are the same as adults.
3.Award tickets and award upgrades are not applicable to special needs passengers who required stretcher service.
4.If award ticket or award upgrade involves special services (such as Unaccompanied Minor Service), Sky Pearl Club members should apply to China Southern according to the company requirement and be responsible for any additional fees involved.
5.There are two types of award ticket redeposit - voluntary and involuntary. Except for involuntary reasons defined in the General Condition on Domestic Passenger, Luggage Transportation of China Southern Airlines Company Ltd., all others are voluntary redeposit.
6.To ensure your account safety, please provide the certificates listed below upon award ticketing and upgrade reissue.
7.For Sky Pearl Club cardholder to travel, please provide Sky Pearl membership card, ID card and a copy with the cardholders signature.
8.For others to travel, please provide the copy of Sky Pearl membership card and copy of cardholders ID card with the cardholders signature, passengers ID card and its copy.
9.When entrusting someone else to get the award ticket, please provide entrustees ID card and its copy besides certificate listed above.
10.Award tickets are valid for one year from the date of travel. Unused award tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue.
11.Lost award tickets will not be replaced nor refunded.
12.For award tickets which have had mileage deducted but not yet issued, members should call the China Southern Airlines Service Hotline (020) 95539 and apply for a refund prior to the flight departure. Once the application is approved, mileage will returned to the account within three working days. Failure to apply for refund within the time limit will result in the refusal of any mileage refund.
13.For award tickets already issued, members should apply for the mileage refund within the ticket validity. Expired award tickets will not be accepted for mileage refund.
14.The documents required to provide ticket refunds are unused E-ticket verification or flight coupon and passenger coupon of paper ticket and the passengers ID card (If entrusting someone else to get the award ticket, entrustees ID card is required as well), as well as the membership number or card required.
15.Other transportation conditions not being listed are the same as the normal revenue ticket.

Membership Levels

1.There are three membership levels in The Sky Pearl Club: Gold card, Silver card and Base card.
2.One qualification year is 12-month duration from January 1 and December 31, which is used to determine Elite levels.
3.Sky Pearl Club will rate next years elite qualification based on the level of EQM or EQS of this year.
4.Although you successfully re-claim your flight of last year, the re-credited mileage will only be counted to the EQM or EQM of the year when you made the retro-claim.
5.Before your Elite Qualification is getting expiry, your new qualification will be calculated by the EQM or EQS you earned within last Qualification Year.
6.Upgrading and re-qualification require the same criteria.
7.If the year you earned the qualification is considered as the first year, the new Elite Level is valid from the day you earned the Elite Qualification until February 28 of the third year.


1.The Sky Pearl Club will not accept any responsibility of the loss of mileage resulting from your PIN disclosure.
2.Members shall be responsible for all applicable taxes (such as Fuel Surcharges and Airport Construction Fees) if imposed by governmental agencies by using award travel.
3.China Southern forbidden any behavior that individuals violate the interest of other Sky Pearl Club members. Any misuse of Frequent Flyer Program of the Sky Pearl Club, including submitting any error information or conducting other behaviors deemed inappropriate by China Southern Airlines Ltd. such as the violation of the regulations made by China Southern Airlines or other cooperative partners of this program, improper or harassing behaviors against China Southern Airlines Ltd. staff, or rejection of the staffs advice, will result in termination of China Southern Sky Pearl Club membership and participation qualification, and cancellation of all accumulated mileages and unused award tickets previously issued. Any violation conducts of this terms and conditions of the Sky Pearl Club will result in confiscation of the tickets (including during the travel) and payment for the misused EconomyBusinessFirst class tickets in respect to the concerned travel sector. As for the implementation of terms and conditions of the Sky Pearl Club, China Southern Airlines Ltd. reserves the right to take proper and legal measures when necessary in order to seek compensation, retain fee and legal fare.
4.Each member shall be responsible for advising The Sky Pearl Club of any change in name or mailing address. The Sky Pearl Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or delay of mailed materials to the member due to an incorrect address provided by the member.
5.The Sky Pearl Club forbids any form of mileage dealing with money. Neither China Southern Airlines nor The Sky Pearl Club is responsible for any monetary losses.
6.If you have questions your Sky Pearl Club account, mileage retro claims are valid within six months after the completion of each given flight.
7.China Southern Airlines Sky Pearl Club retains the right to change its rules or terminate its system-wide frequent flyer programs at any time without notice. All membership cards are the property of China Southern Airlines.
8.Responsibility exemption and limitations
•In case of force majeure, computer virus, system failure, communication failure, power turnoff, hostile system attack and other cases not attributed to China Southern, China Southern accepts no responsibility.
•In case members make use of system failure or other information to damage China Southern or other FFP members benefits, China Southerns Sky Pearl Club retains the right to immediately terminate said membership, cancel all accumulated mileage and retain legal action against the member.
•Upon discovering behavior that affects account and information security, China Southern retains all right to protect membership accounts. Members may be required to validate their identity to use their account.
9.Individual privacy and others issues
•China Southern Sky Pearl Club requires personal information solely for mileage accumulation, redemption, FFP program operation/management and providing the membership service and information to members. Incomplete member information may lead to failure of membership qualification and related promotion and services.
•All personal information is managed according to China Southern Sky Pearl Club privacy policy.
10.Where the Program Rules and Conditions are in conflict with laws of a local government, they are subject to the restrictions of all applicable local laws.
11.If the Chinese version of this guide is conflict with other language versions, the Chinese version shall prevail. In case of disputes, China Southern reserves the right to make final rule explanation.
12.In case of any dispute, all arbitration shall be held in Guangzhou Arbitration Committee, China

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