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Every time you fly with China Southern Airlines, simply quote your membership number at the time of reservation as well as during check in and you will earn the Base Flight Mileages redeemed for award ticket , award upgrade or other awards on the SkyPearl shopping mall, the Elite Qualifying Mileages(EQMs) and Elite Qualifying Segments(EQSs) which are counted towards Sky Pearl Gold or Silver tier member.
The chart below lists the Base Flight Mileages, EQMs and EQSs you earn according to fare class for travel on China Southern-marketed (indicated with a CZ in the flight number) or Chong Qing Airlines-marketed (indicated with a OQ in the flight number) flight.
To find out how many SkyPearl Mileages you'll earn for your flight, simply check with the Accural Calculator.

Class of Service Fare Class Base Flight Mileages Elite Qualification
Elite Qualifying Mileages Elite Qualifying Segments
First Class F Statute Mileages X 300% 300% 2
Business Class J Statute Mileages X 250% 250% 2
C Statute Mileages X 200% 200% 2
D Statute Mileages X 150% 150% 2
I Statute Mileages X 100% 100% 2
Premium Economy Class W Statute Mileages X 110% 110% 1.5
S Statute Mileages X 75% 75% 1
Economy Class Y Statute Mileages X 100% 100% 1.5
P,B, M, H, K Statute Mileages X 100% 100% 1
U, A, L, E, Q Statute Mileages X 50% 50% 0
V, Z, T, N, R Statute Mileages X 25% 25% 0
Exception Class F, I, O, S, Z, X, G 0 0 0


  1. 1.Statute Mileage refers to the distance of city pairs published in the IATA Ticketed Point Mileage Manual. All flight routes shorter than 500km will be credited 500km as Statute Mileage.
  2. 2.For upgrade award of redeemed tickets, tickets with free upgrade due to sales promotion, and tickets with involuntary upgrades, mileage accrual shall base on the cabin before upgrades.
  3. 3.No mileage accrual is applicable for such tickets like, group tickets, redeemed tickets and awarded tickets, tourism or special discount tickets or free tickets, special or charter flights,including but not limited to the class-F,I,O,S,Z,X,G.
  4. 4.Effective on and after 15 July 2019, on the routes of Guangzhou-Singapore, Singapore-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur-Guangzhou, the base mileages accrued in class T、N、R will be adjusted to 0.