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  1. 1. General principles:
    • *Only for redemption on those flights which can be accessed on-line.
    • *The award ticket can be one-way or round-trip. A round-trip must be confirmed with flight and date. The class of service on round-trip flights must be the same, and mileages required for a round-trip award are double for a one-way.
    • *Members can redeem award tickets for themselves or others. On-line redemption is not applicable for special passengers (including stretcher, illness, wheelchair, infant, children with/without company, pregnant women, blind people, crime suspect and deportee, etc.)
  2. 2. Award tickets for the member oneself
    • *Award tickets redemption for the members oneself can be available online, no ID Authentication procedure required.
    • *The name on the award ticket redeemed will be the member's name by default and cannot be changed. The Chinese name will be the first default name and there will be a '/'between the last name and first name if you choose your registered English name. If you do not register your Chinese name and register a wrong English name (i.e. if you only register your first name or last name), you cannot complete the award ticket booking online due to passenger name error. The ID number registered in your account will be included in your booking information by default and cannot be changed. If you cannot complete your online award ticket booking due to above mentioned errors, please call China Southern's service hotline 95539 for assistance.
  3. 3.To redeem award tickets online for others, members are required to go to one of China Southern's designated ticketing offices for a ID Authentication procedure first.
  4. 4.Please note that the 'passenger name' and 'valid ID number' must be in accordance with the passenger's effective traveling documents. No modifications to passenger's name and ID number are allowed after ticket is issued. Any error with passenger name or ID number after ticket is issued, the ticket will be invalid and please apply for voluntary refund and redeem another one.