Mileage Redemption

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There will be no redemption threshold for Sky Pearl Membership, all members shall be entitled for redemption as soon as standards are reached (unless otherwise specified for certain redemption products) .

Please refer to the Mileage Redemption for the standard and the rules on redemption, or use the Redemption Calculator to directly find out the mileage required for the redemption between any two cities.

For Identity Authentication and rules on redeeming for transferees, please go to the Redemption Nominees page.

95539 can support most bank cards in tax payment for the award tickets via telephone, so you can directly redeem miles for award tickets by calling 95539. If you are unable to make payment via 95539, please go to China Southern Airlines’ Member Service Center to complete tax payment and redemption.

Children ages 2-11 may register for Little Pearl membership and complete the information of their parent(s)/guardian(s) before enjoying the relevant membership rights and benefits of the Sky Pearl Club.

※Note: The procedures and channels displayed below are only applicable to the Sky Pearl members 12 years old and above. Specific redemption rules for "Little Pearl " members are subject to the relevant provisions in the Sky Pearl Manual.